Bank of America | Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) is the corporate and investment banking division of Bank of America, the second largest bank holding company in the US by assets. BAML provides a wide range of investment services, including mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt capital markets, lending, trading, and risk management. It is the third largest full-service global investment bank, and by far the largest player included in the podcast. In 2015, BAML added sustainable impact multi-asset class portfolios to its platform of impact portfolios in response to growing client demand for investing for social and environmental outcomes. These portfolios will consist of mutual funds and exchange traded funds, and seek to deliver a competitive risk-adjusted return in addition to a positive environmental, social, governance (ESG) profile. BAML also provides green bonds and social impact bonds, acting as the investor in the Pay for Success value chain by providing upfront capital for positive social interventions. The impact of these investment strategies is less direct than the provision of liquidity to social businesses, yet the movement of BAML into impact investing can be truly transformative as it educates its massive client base on the space. Hosted by Jesse Simmons.

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