FSIG front page

The Fletcher Social Investment Group (FSIG) is a student-run organization dedicated to the study and practice of impact investing. We connect graduate students at the Fletcher School who are passionate about working in the field of impact investing with social enterprises who are preparing for growth and investment. By providing a range of advisory services, FSIG students can further their skillsets in this field while providing meaningful services to promising social enterprises.


Working on a FSIG project was an excellent complement to my Fletcher studies, allowing me to put into practice consulting and team management skills, gain exposure to what life is like in a startup, and dive into solving a complex challenge such as getting the 70% of Rwandans with no access to electricity, ‘on the grid’.

Emily Gannam, Class of 2018, Fletcher School

Foxtrot very much enjoyed working with FSIG. The group was eager and willing to sit down and design an agenda from the ground up to add value and tackle the challenges most important to Foxtrot. They went the extra mile in effort—and their collective expertise gave us insights into our customers and our finances.

Douglas Coughran, CEO Foxtrot